1. Who would benefit from being seen in the Center for Skin Integrity?
    Anyone who has a persistent wound that has not healed in 2-3 weeks with conservative management.
  2. How do I arrange for an appointment with the Center?
    Ask your primary care physician to call the Center for Skin Integrity to request a consultation. The phone number is 857-8603.
    For evaluation by Daemen College wound team, Call 716-671-8073 or fax 716-671-8074.
    Also, please refer to our referral protocol
  3. What are the important indicators of a problem with a wound?
    Persistent pain at the site of the wound, continued drainage, failure to heal and evidence of progressive enlargement of the wound are all indicators of a potentially serious problem.
  4. What can I do to prevent the development of the wound?
    This depends on the cause of the wound. If the cause is arterial, then correcting the blood supply to the area is of prime importance. If venous stasis is the cause, the reduction of fluid in the area and helping the veins be more functional is important. If pressure is the origin of the ulcer, avoidance of pressure is critical.
    Diabetic and post-operative wounds tend to be multi-factorial, so these need to be addressed in a systematic fashion.
  5. How long will it take to cure an ulcer or wound?
    This will depend on the number of factors that affect wound healing that are compromised at the initial evaluation. The less the number of variables that need to be addressed and corrected, the faster the time to healing.
  6. What is the advantage of being seen by the Center for Skin Integrity?
    The members of the Skin Integrity have a proven track record of demonstrating better outcomes for difficult to treat wounds. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach in one convenient locale and provide on site supportive facilities and services to optimize the efficient and co-coordinated care of wounds. We are also committed to generating a database to expand the knowledge base and enhance the diagnosis and treatment of wounds on an ongoing basis. We are committed to sharing those findings with our colleagues and our patients.

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The Center for Skin Integrity (CSI) is a collaboration of independent health care providers including Buffalo Medical Group, P.C., The McGuire Group, The Center for Plastic Surgery and Dr. Paul Nasca.

CSI is neither a group practice nor a diagnostic and treatment center. Each independent provider is solely responsible for all aspects of patient care rendered by it.

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