To arrange for a consultation by The Center of Skin Integrity, please have your primary physician schedule an appointment.

At that time, we will request referrals for Drs. Schultz, Nasca, and Brass and a copy of all laboratory data, radiology reports and office notes with regards to your problem. Depending on the wishes of your primary care physician, we can perform a consultation only for your problem, or assist your physician in the care of the problem and management of the diabetes until the problem is resolved.

1On the first visit, a comprehensive history will be obtained and an evaluation will be done by the appropriate specialists which may include:

  • Plastic surgeon (Dr. Raymond Schultz),
  • a podiatrist (Dr. Paul Nasca)
  • and infectious diseases sub-specialist (Dr. Corstiaan Brass).

At the conclusion of the evaluation, a comprehensive plan for the treatment of your wounds will be outlined, and, if your primary physician so desires, we will implement this plan. Should ancillary investigations be required, much of these can be done on site at the clinic to facilitate fast and efficient evaluation and implementation of therapy.

2The number of follow ups visits for an ulcer, depending upon the severity of the problem, usually ranges from 3-6 visits at two week intervals. Most of the care is rendered in an outpatient setting, but hospitalization is occasionally required to aggressively manage the infection or complicating features of the wound.

3You will be seen by two, or all three, of our physicians, as well as a Physical Therapy consultant at each follow up visit. You may also be referred to a vascular surgeon or orthopedic surgeon, should the need arise.

4At all times during the course of the therapy and visits, letters to your primary physician will be dictated to keep him or her updated on your status. When the problem is resolved, your care will be turned over to your primary physician with recommendations as to appropriate follow up and continuing care.

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The Center for Skin Integrity (CSI) is a collaboration of independent health care providers including Buffalo Medical Group, P.C., The McGuire Group, The Center for Plastic Surgery and Dr. Paul Nasca.

CSI is neither a group practice nor a diagnostic and treatment center. Each independent provider is solely responsible for all aspects of patient care rendered by it.

Privacy Policy: Center for Skin Integrity respects our customers' right to Privacy. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.

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